Piano Classes Rancho Cucamonga


Location: Onsite in Rancho Cucamonga

Class Size: 5 or less

Ages: 7 and up

Levels: Vary

Class Length: 60 minutes*

Frequency: 1x per week


In Class, each student will be equipped with their own Individual Digital Piano with plenty of hands on experience.

The instructor will do Individual Assessments for every student during the course of the class.



Students will learn a strong foundation of piano through note recognition, basic rhythms, and reading comprehension at a comfortable pace. This is achieved through various piano exercises, learning of songs and creative interactive lessons.

All skill building focuses on strengthening eye, ear and hand coordination within a multi sensory learning environment.

All piano students will perform in our bi-annual concerts.



Piano classes will include reading comprehension, music theory, technique and ear training.

This is achieved through various piano exercises, repertoire and creative interactive learning.

All classes are paired with learning repertoire from various music styles performed at our bi-annual concerts.


*if only 2 students are in a class, the session will be 45 minutes. 
RC Piano Lessons reserves the right to cancel any class registration consistently lower than 3 students.